New German Gp32 Printmagazine!


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Jan 12, 2004
Salzburg, Austria
As it came to my attention a few german/austrian GP32-Users are on the way to pull a german gp32 printmagazine together which contains

* news
* articles
* reviews of emulators,games,applications
* interviews and more...

those guys really want to make a PRINTMAGAZINE so there will be no PDF/DOC/RTF whatever.

now the question to the german speaking user's here:
would you like to have such a magazine and since it's printed, what would you pay for it? would be three euros incl. sending within germany and austria okay? the first issue should be around 20 - 30 pages, black/white printed. release date is planned within the next 20 days.

and now your opinions :)
Im not sure if there are enough german users for this to be profitable ( or for that matter, enough users worldwide for a GP32 mag to be profitable )

... Which brings me to the question, are you doing this for profit, or for fun?
Kommt drauf an. Die erste Ausgabe, ja, die würde ich nehmen, einfach aus Interesse. Wenn sie mir nicht gefällt oder nichts Neues/Nützliches bietet - warum sollte ich dann dafür bezahlen?

An sich würde ich sagen, dass es was Nettes ist, aber ihr werdet kaum besonders viel verkaufen. Wenn ihr mich fragt, 10 Stück würde ich als viel ansehen.... trotzdem, viel Glück, beweisst mir das Gegenteil ;)
nice, a german paper print...

Ich würde maximal 10 Euro für das erste heft ausgeben... :)

And please, why no color print ?

I think, it must bee colorfull, couse nobody wants gryscaled pictures :)
I guess you will startup with a edition of about 50 maybe 100 issues, and you will copyprint it. So it will look like some sort of pupil magazine. All GP32-Users own a computer, almost everybody has an internet-connection. So why should they pay postal charges and copy-costs for a low quality print issue? I think its better to publish it on PDF.
Will it be in German?

I live in Germany, can understand most German, talk almost none, and read/write none ;)
also, geld dafür ausgeben ist so eine sache. ich finde, dass die gp32 szene eigentlich auf freeware basiert und eigentlich alle software und informationen (bis auf einige ausnahmen natürlich) frei erhältlich sind, so auch die bisherigen magazine.
ich überlege ja auch schon seit nem knappen jahr, ob ich wieder anfangen soll zu coden, das ist bei mir schon 6 jahre her (hatte seit dem abi keine zeit mehr), aber wenn ich was für den gp32 machen würde, wäre es selbstverständlich freeware...

aber wenn das magazin wirklich richtig gut ist, würde ich auch geld dafür ausgeben...
ich würds mir auch holn. obwohl ich ne schöne bunte pdf einem schwarz-weisn papper print vorziehn würde ^^
the first go will be probably around 50 magazines where 10 mags are allready given away internal. this is just a first try to see if there is general interest. still holding something real in your hands is better than a pdf. of course we could hand out a pdf but this is not the sense of this whole thing. in fact this is all non profit... if we have to pay 2 euros for the printing and 1 euro for the shipping and charge you 3 euros we more likley have a shitload of work ;)

color printing is unforunatly fu**in' expensive so the first issue will be only in greyscale which i hope will turn out okay. as said... if there is a real interest and we get more than 50 readers we'll continue our work, otherwise it was just a little stress and fun :)

it's also easier to send a printed magazine around than a pdf. just imagine there is an important person which could help the gp32 scene, but has no clue about computers. how the fu** should he open a PDF? :) but having something real into his hands is much much better. at least that's my opinion.

even if we plan a greayscale printing... it will not be of cheap quality
there is a spanish general scene magazine,downloable from his website,TOTALLY free, .
Formatly isnt gp32 exclusive,but have a really long gp32 report, and many people working for it.

i thnick the best way to help the gp32 scene its launch a free magazine, because if you make a paper magazine to distribute with post, many people will never have the opportunity to acces the magazine.
Yes, i know, you want to take some money..but the scene need people that works for gp32...remember the people that its coding for this system for free...for the end, for the gp32 itself!

launch the magazine,but free, and make an account for paypal for donations, if you want some money.
sorry, für schwarz/weiss bezahl ich nicht.... :(

macht den preis auf 7€ und bringt farbe ins spiel und ich kaufs möglicherweise :)

(ihr könntet ja auch zwei editionen rausbringen, eine schwarz/weiss und eine in farbe; die haben dann alle unterschiedliche preise)
again i want to point out that we DO NOT MAKE ANY PROFIT with this. color printing wihtout sponsors is impossible, i been at a few stores and the price for color printing is insane. 3 euro for 2 a4 pages (both sides). this is reagardless if there is one colored pixel or it or the whole page in color. as soon as they touch the machine able to print colors the costs explode.
ich würdes kaufen und sogar 4€ dafür ausgeben, vieleicht kann man es ja mit der zeit auch noch erweitern, mit CD (neuste software, farbe etc...)