Gp Mania #2


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Jan 12, 2004
Salzburg, Austria
Some of you probably remeber the first printed and german language GP32 Fanzine called "GP Mania". The project is not dead at all. There is progress going on. We will have a decent layout for the new magazine and lot's of articles reviews etc. All in german language for the german speaking GP32 community. We planed to have the second issue done before XMAS, unfortunatly real life isn't nice for most of the team-members at the moment. Expect a double issuse with around 50 pages to be released first at Breakpoint 2005 in Bingen am Rhein/Germany, which is the largest german demoparty nowadays.
The homepage @ will be updated in the next few weeks
This information is only exclusive for the GP32x webboard users as I am too lazy to edit the current HTML pages for the GP Mania page :)
Of course all announced articles from issue 1 will be avaliable in issue 2.
We know that the german gp32 community is shrinking and shriking, but we still want to have a printed magazine which will be avaliable as pdf as soon as all printed mags are sent away.
ps around 5 printed #1 issues are still avaliable :)
well the issue will be a double issue... so it will be a touch more epxensive. still the main thing is the stuff which the post offices charges. i spend a whole day just trying to get future mags delivered as "book-delivery" which is around 50% cheaper than normal. but they just plainly refuse to do that. and this time you have to pay in advance, as around 10 ppl did not paid their mag last time and i had a loss of 30 eur which is kinda much for me... :( you really can't trust people anymore...
I thought the German GPM was dead, good to see it's back though :) Nice to see other factions of the community have access to a fanzine in their language.

Good luck with the second issue.
Is there an english edition?
nope, we tried to get translators once... but only one guy wanted to help. and we can't tell one guy to translate a whole magazine. i have another idea probably... but i will tell more about it when there are more details