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May 21, 2003
California, USA
I'm really want a VGA box for my PS2 so I can play IIDX, DDR, etc. on my old monitor in my VERY cool (as in temperature, it's fucking hot as hell in my brother's room, where all the electronics are). And I've narrowed it down to these two:
Multi Purpose VGA Box
Magic VGA Box

I was at first thinking of getting the first one because it seems more professional and it has so many more jacks, but the second one has the ability to change resolutions, which intrigues me. Since I've never used a VGA box before, I don't exactly know what features to look for. Do most, if not all, VGA boxes support multiple resolutions like the Magic VGA Box? So, which one should I get?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I plan on playing my PS2 on my old "bubble screen" 13" monitor.
from what i've seen of these things in general (vga boxes) they seem to adjust their output resolution automatically depending on the input source. Not that they can up the resolution of an old console. So first things first would be find out what the native resolution of the PS2 is, sorry I cant think off the top of my head what that is...then find out if your monitor supports said resolution, then when you stick the vga box between the two everything should be sound!
I recently got this response from someone on the Neo-Geo boards concerning a VGA adapter for the PS2:

Syxx573 said:
DON'T get a VGA box for the PS2, it looks bad. Things are either too bring or too dark.

The only two systems (that I know of) that look good with a VGA box is the Dreamcast and the X-box. Both systems look like sex too. But you can't get a VGA box that is supposed to be used for multiple devices, you need to get separate ones for each system. The DC one costs about 15 bucks... I think the xbox one costs like 80 bucks or so (but it's worth it).

I've tried 2 vga boxes for the ps2 and both sucked. One wouldn't even display most PS1 games!
Gah! What do you guys think about that? Maybe it was just the adapter he used?
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Both systems look like sex too.

I think Ive heard some thing like this before. I use RGB for my PS2, it seems like the best quality you will get out of it.

DC rules.'re talking about with a VGA Box, right? I'm satisfied with my current quality on my regular TV. Wouldn't using S-Video help out a lot (With the VGA Box)?
Huh? I do want quality. Which is why I asked, because some have been known to give very poor quality (Too bright, washed colors, blurry, etc.).
No shit, but I want to use a VGA Box to play on my PC monitor. So, forget the the TV talk.
Dozer posted on Jul 28 2004 at 03:51 PM said:
Well there's reviews on play asia and google. Search then <_<.
I have been reading the PA reviews, and I've ruled out some VGA adapters that they offer that way. And I am googling, though I'm not finding much.

PA VGA Boxes:
Upscan Converter 2 - Takes power from PC USB Port
YPbPr VGA Box - Only for XBOX
Multi Purpose VGA Box
Magic VGA Box - Takes too long to ship

So, I guess I have to stick with the multi purpose one if I'm getting it from PA.
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