My Xbox 360 Has Died.........


Mar 27, 2004
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hi all, my xbox died sunday night, playing saints row, it froze up, turned off and the 3 red lights started flashing...... internal hardware failure apparently, anyway, if anyone has had this happen to them can you confirm to me wether or not dhl supply the box the 360 is goin back in? when my laptop broke last month dhl gave me a box when they picked it up, i would call microsoft back if it was that easy but i dont fancy waiting an hour to get through again, cheers for any help.
The 360 actually tells you when it's broken?

Wow, it's as if Microsoft somehow anticipated this problem.

(I say not to bitch, more out of concern because I've just bought one...let us know how it goes)
Xbox 360 Failure rates

I forgot where I originally read this, but it is copied onto this forum so... Anyways, it says that a game publisher, EA, had 30 - 50 % failure rate on the xbox 360.

Something with the disc spinning leading to over heating... I don't know. I don't own one. Good luck with getting a new one!
That's a ridiculous figure for any console. Mind you, I do know that game developers go through consoles and pads at a rate of knots when testing. Probably some extenuating circumstances there.
to be fair, mine was on for about 7 hours while i was doing something else, but it was only on the dashboard, no discs running, and it froze when i came to use it, switched it off, then on, it froze on the boot up screen, did this again, then worked, crashed during saints row, but then worked. the next day i put it on i just had the 3 red lights. i called them tuesday and they still not sent a courier yet, and to make things worse i recieved an email today from amazon saying they'd shipped my dead rising (plus a free dead rising face plate)
first versions of consoles always have problems...

anyway, is the 360 any good?? Is it true that you need a HD TV to get the full effect of the 360?? Is the graphics any good compaired to what a PC can do?

The amount of time and money you have to spend on phone calls waiting in ques etc pisses me off, and then having to wait for a company to collect it then wait for a replacement pisses me off even further :p...

When You spend £300+ you expect it to last and have no problems..

Also, you said it was on for 7 hours... I thought the 360 was like a media centre wasnt it?? what if you wanted to watch films all night surely you can use it straight for more than 7 hours
Steve-O posted on Sep 9 2006 at 09:23 PM said:
anyway, is the 360 any good?? Is it true that you need a HD TV to get the full effect of the 360?? Is the graphics any good compaired to what a PC can do?

I'm no MS fanboy, but I have to admit the 360 is a really nicely designed piece of kit. A lot of thought has been put in to every aspect of the console, and in terms of functionality there's very little to complain about. It just feels 'right'.

But in terms of reliability, there's some pretty obvious concerns. I noticed straight away how much heat the thing gives off when playing certain games...I mean, some discs come out of the tray roasting hot. That can't be good for a console's lifespan.

And it's not cheap either. £200 might seem like a bargain, but the Core version is kinda pointless. And £280 isn't all you're going to be spending on a premium version either. I mean, you could easily waste another £100 on accessories alone and then you're expected to fork out £40 for each new game. gaming is expensive!

Anyway, I'd say the graphics compare to a high-end PC at the moment, but you've got more games to take advantage of the tech. And you don't need a HDTV to get the full effect; Fight Night looks spectacular on a regular STV.

So far I'm cautiously optimistic about the 360. But given the PS3's price and the Wii's gimmickness, I don't have much choice in the matter.
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think I will wait till the PS3 is released.. Im sure microsoft will drop the price of the 360 then to drag more people away from the sony market to the microsoft one.
i dont think you 'need' an hdtv to truely appreciate the 360, but it does look crap through the red/white/yellow leads, but the rgb scart option is fine, i use mine through a 19" lcd widescreen monitor with a vga lead, was lots cheaper than a new tv and im not bothered watching tv shows in hd. on friday night i tried messing about with my broke 360, i unplugged the vga lead and put the scart lead in, and the 360 came on?! after some messing about i discovered my main profile i use for live was corrupted, so deleted it, and recovered my gamertag, the 360 restarted and i noticed the boot up screen was slightly different (anyone else noticed this?), and now it works perfectly, i played dead rising for about 3 hours yesterday afternoon and it was fine (apart from the disc being near to melting). i dunno wether or not to forget about sending it back?
Shikaku posted on Sep 10 2006 at 07:41 PM said:
CUPC4KES posted on Sep 10 2006 at 07:35 AM said:
dead rising for about 3 hours

Dead Rising Killing Xbox 360s?

More like, Under-ventilation Killing Xbox 360s. I've got a cooler pack on the back of mine. I'm not sure how much difference the 3 fans will make, but at least it helps drown out the noisy Hitachi drive a little...
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