mount-menu partition detection problems


Death's Steed
Staff member
May 28, 2003
16A (TO)
(Sorry if this is a dumb question)

When I mount a card using lomaxx's mount-menu, I get the error:

/dev/mmcblk0p1 No label found. Mountpoint set to /media/mmc0p1

/dev/mmcblk0p1 Partition mounted as /media/mmc0p1

This is strange, as I have definitely labelled partitions on both cards (gparted confirms this), and these are picked up by the default auto-mounter.

Any ideas whats going on? Can It be fixed?

I'm using freamon's openbox

One card is a 16GB ext3 partition

The other a 24GB ext3 and a 6GB fat32

Is there other information that would be helpful to know?

Thanks for being patient with a user halfway down 'the learning curve' :)


Separately, how can I make it auto-mount cards just after I log in, so all my pnds are accessible?
Curiously, the old engineer's trick of turning it off and on again looks like it might have worked.

I will have to experiment some more...