More Required Watching

Sugar_Kane said:
I saw your response, man. I've tried the works on her, her statement now is 'well... It better be GOOD when it arrives'
"It's always good when you take your time"
"I thought you hated it when things came early"
... I had a few more, but common decency is telling me to stop.
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Watched all of it(7 parts)
Nice documentary, but they sure looked frustrated!
But the part about a donkey's dick was just wrong.. even though it is a "local delicacy"
Craig I reckon you should work on a short statement for sarcastic girlfriends and sposes. Mine is still convinced I've set fire to my money. She won't believe a single explaination I give her, in fact she even managed to discount the fact that you invited us over to see a working pandora. How do they do it?!

it wouldn't help if Craig did post something, females work on a logic system that is actually only applicable in the dimension they originated in, so even though they physically live in this dimension, they stick with the thought processes from theirs, and any explanation will be what it would be in another (totally alien) realm, I think it's something like Zen from Half Life, but with floating hair salons and poodles rather than sonic dogs :blink:

that's the reason it's fatal to allow a woman to navigate when you go anywhere, they can't translate two dimensions to three with any degree of success since their native realm has something like six dimensions (well apart from Wednesday which has four and a half, and Friday, which has eight for shopping), life has got SO much easier since I got a Garmin, we actually end up where we are going, rather than sixty odd miles away. :rolleyes:

ya gotta love em though :D
hobbyman II said:
ya gotta love em though :D

Yes you do indeed. But if they didn't have a hole between their legs, by thunder, we would be free... FREE I tell you!
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