Microsofts Big E3 Announcement


Mar 27, 2004
West Mids, England.
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hi all, did anyone see the streamed press conference by microsoft at e3 just? a few new game trailers, final fantasy 13, the beatles rock band, tony hawkes ride complete with skateboard controller, alan wake, a brand new metal gear game metal gear: rising which marks the return or the guy out of mgs 2, raiden i think, halo odst, splinter cell conviction plus a few more, they announced full 1080p movie rentals with no downloads, instant streaming, facebook and twitter for 360, some internet radio thing and a new music service called zune, but the big announcement was project natal, its an add on that sits under your tv and enables full motion capture, voice and face recognition in your home which to be honest looked amazing when it was being demoed they showed a couple of eyetoy style games but a lot more reactive than the eyetoy, all in all a good start to e3, be interesting to see how sony and nintendo follow that up.
Alan Wake!?!

I though that was supposed to come out 4 years ago? Are they trying to compete with Duke Nukem forever to see who can delay the longest?
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I wish Microsoft's big E3 announcement was a new Mistwalker game. There hasn't been much interesting yet, apart from the fact there's some sort of metal gear based game with raider coming to PC, PS3 and 360 that has a genre of some sort.