Merry christmas and a happy new year (2012-12-25)

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Aug 10, 2012
Binky, appreciate that you gave a great breakdown of the players,  Craig's shop, ED's shop, Link's shop, Linux-swat's shopt l

Ordered 2 Pandoras, TV cable, donated dev $$, 3 years ago from this website,, and communicate a couple of times a year with Jacquelyn - never received Pandoras.  5 Weeks ago Jacquelyn agreed to allow me to take a loss and convert the 2 classic Pandora order to 1 single newer 1GHz order - still not received.  Is there any way for me to know which of the 4 reps listed above I'm actually dealing with?  Am I actually in Craig-hell and negotiating for vapor?

HA that sucks bro, thats the lady that made loads of promises to me and as soon as they got the money not another word even when I sent emails asking for any info... well at least you can say you donated cause you can take a crap in one hand and wait for Craig and company to do right in the other and see what one fills up first.

oh and fyi, if you went the paypal route you can file a claim threw them and they will get you money or a pandora with in X amount of days, for me it was about 45.

another side note, it does suck that this is they way it has to be, when your a business you have to deliver or this is what happens... beyond this, I would say that my self and about 95% of the other people would have stuck with it if his company would have coummicated and not blamed the entire world for his finical blunders.
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