Mame and Neo Geo Roms version as current not working


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Jun 29, 2013
Hi All,

New Openpandora user here.

I have tried Roms on Mame and Neo Geo and they are not running.

Neo Geo giving missing file error and Mame not showing roms on SD Card.

I am using PC mame MAME 0.141 and all roms running fine but openpandora can not run them.

Can anyone tell me which version mame roms are supported by Openpandora mame4all and also Neo Geo roms version

I made this list for reference time ago, maybe some emulators were updated in the meantime, anyway here it is

MAME - 0.106

PanMAME - 0.106

MAME4ALL - 0.036

MAME-EX - 0.110

GnGeo - 0.130

somewhere in the forum there are also the DAT files for clrmamepro, but I can't find them right now

EDIT: there is also FBA that can use mame roms (but it doesn't follow the same version system of mame), and actually is my favourite, infact I use PanMame only for those games that have problems in FBA
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MAME4ALL is 037b5, you'd be better off with PanMAME if you're trying to run anything but the older classics, and its 106 as Power God said.
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If you have 1GHz OpenPandora, overclock it a little bit and PanMAME can upscale all the games like 3 times and with a whole bunch of awesome filters!
It helped a lot. Thanks. So I will have to go for old roms only as I have Classical Pandora. 
Its the same romset as used on the GP2X version of MAME4ALL, that might help you when searching on the net for them!