Looks Like Firmware 2.1.0 Will Be Delayed Again


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Sep 22, 2006
Ive been visiting gp2x.com several times every week waiting for the new firmware 2.1.0

There used to be several posts by GPH´s Staff in their official forums stating that the new firmware would be released in mid october

I visited their forums again today and all those replies are gone. I cant find now those replies that stated that the new FW was coming soon

I dont know if its just me, but that looks a little fishy doesnt it? I hope it doesnt mean we will have to wait until december for a release!

Does anyone have any news or can confirm a delay?

I wouldn't panic just yet, As it has only just turned mid-october, But judging by GPH's previous track record, It may well be mid-december before we see the next release. But then who am i to say :rolleyes: .

I've got a PMA400 linux device from Archos, it is very buggy and Archos didn't do a thing about it and abandoned the device (that did cost a fortune). They didn't open any source and didn't give any support. I will never buy from them again. There are a couple of guys making it better (openPMA) but that's not thanks to Archos.

If you compare that with the GP2X than I must say that I'm very happy with the current firmware of the GP2X and of course I can still hope for more :)
"Looks Like Firmware 2.1.0 Will Be Delayed Again"

No shit, Sherlock.
hahahahaha, are they seriously removing forum posts to cover their delays up? thats hilarious
Does anyone know anything about what is planned for this firmware? Version 2 sorted out the booting up time and was said to have changed how future firmwares would update to make it easier and safer. As these were the main issues at the time, I am curious as to what improvements are now planned.
and wheres that payback demo craig? you said this week. even though "when its done" is annoying its better than giving a release date and not keeping it because the gp2x community really doesn't have patience as one of its best attributes.
If they are removing posts to cover up the evidence they are delaying the firmware thats just pathetic, imo they should just be honest and upfront and give a reason as to their delay instead of giving the impression that they have done something wrong and feel guilty about it.
Yono posted on Oct 14 2006 at 02:32 PM said:
Redeeman posted on Oct 14 2006 at 01:53 PM said:
hahahahaha, are they seriously removing forum posts to cover their delays up? thats hilarious
Applying doublethink, way to go big brother. :D
it was doublespeak if i can recall correctly.
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Doublethink would be believing their modified truth, while at the same time knowing that they changed the posts.
GPH always tell the truth, you just think they're lying because you're insane.

*Drags Nemesis to The Ministry of Love*
That didn't happen...
I hope they add an option to change the brightness of the screen in the default menu

It's quite sad that I hope for clouds on my bus journey so I can see my screen.

Oh well, I don't really care about the delay I just want it to be good.

Look at s0ny for goodness sake, they've delayed the ps3 for quality, just cos the 2x is open source it doesn't mean they can't delay for quality purposes.

Baked Beans rule.
I don't mind how long it takes anymore, gmenu2x keeps fixing things...

PS: Baked beans are alright, but I prefer crappy pasta shapes.