Linux Guide For Noobs


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Feb 2, 2004
well, is there one?
I kinda understand all the work you guys are doing, but get lost in the technical jargon
Plus, I am completley lost on how to run GPLinux , or any linux for that matter
I am reall excitied about this project, and I know that Linux is powerful, and sinec I cant code, I would atleast like to just understand what you are all talking about
So, is there a guide that can help me use this kick ass app?
I would really like to learn how to use linux and all of its potential

thank you a hundred times, and thx a thousand times to the GPLinux team! keep up the great work please!!


also, how do I type in the terminal without a keyboard?
has a tutorial for simple setup.

The newest version has a gui menu with programs, so you don't need a chatboard for some of the apps provided.

Also, the older versions use a hard coded start file if you dont have a chatboard, so you can edit with notepad on your pc, then put it in the gp32 to use.

I hope they just update their package sometime, there are lots of seperate apps like the ftp and flash player that aren't included with the newest package.

Would love to watch strongbad on my gp32!

This is a great project!
well, from what I know, isnt Linux terminal kinda like DOS is to Windows?
its the command prompt version of the OS??
so, I guess then a good place to start would be to learn command prompts, right?
Are all Linux versions using the same command prompts?
I will get a chatboard this weekend or next so I can type them, so I kinda need to know
so, is there a list of commands I can read and learn basic navigation