Libcastor Missing Png.h


Still Fresh
Oct 31, 2006
Well I have finally got my wiz so I wanted to start developing some simple games for it and thought I would use LibCastor as it is nice and small but when I try to compile it I find it is missing a png.h header file. Is this provided by a different library that I will need to install or is it just missing from my libcastor source (I picked it up from,0,0,0,19,13)
You can strip the whole of castor_extra out if you want, it was just me messing around and I forgot to remove it when I packaged it up. I will do so for the next release (when I get a developer board with JTAG).
Thanks, I am currently working rebuilding the open2x libs as these were built a while ago on my machine and I thought it might have relied on a newer version. I will strip out the castor_extra stuff after it has finished rebuilding the open2x libs.
i tried building libcastor and failed at png.h aswell. tried to get it from libpng, still no avail.

resolved to just copying castor.c, castor.h & polluxregs.h to my build environment.

yet libcastor apparently switches the screen to tilted mode (luckily the shell afterwards still works, they have implemented some fine logic to dynamically position GUI elements).

ergo: needs something better than libcastor (even though the wiki says so, which is apparently a crying shame against Wiz dev-kind).