Jxd S602 Right Volume Button Pushed In, Could I Fix It?


Still Fresh
Sep 18, 2005
I have a s601 and s602 but unfortunately I noticed on the s602 the right volume button seems pushed in, it is not responding, left button is fine which is good as I can press that than simply slide the volume either way with touchscreen once the volume setting. However, besides that little issue the condition is perfect and I am one of those people where that type of thing really just BUGS ME lol. So what I want to know, would it be worthwhile to attempt to open the unit and see if I could possible fix it. FIRST LET ME SAY, I am no tech expert, my level of capability is opening say an original Xbox, but the 360 was a nightmare for me. A while ago when I smashed the screen on my yinlips YDP18 or something, I took that apart just to explore and I would say if it was not already broken it would have been after that attempt. Perhaps these devices really are not designed for consumer tampering. Any of you have experience opening / servicing the JXD s602? Would it be relatively easy or prohibitively hard? Should I just be glad I can still adjust the volume and leave it? Your opinions and comments highly welcomed THANKS!