Just Ordered My Pandora

This thread took an... um... tangent. :lol:

As posted initially, I said I would reply to the thread stating my thoughts on the shipping process and initial impressions. I do not have initial impressions yet, but I just received an email this morning notifying me that my Pandora has been shipped! :D So I do have some thoughts on the shipping thus far. So to recap:

Order Date: April 26, 2011 (approximately 1:00pm Eastern Time)(also, I think the first working/business day is considered April 27, 2011 overseas because of the time that I ordered)

Shipping Date: May 9, 2011

The shipping date occurred on the seventh working/business day, as guaranteed by sales. This also included the royal wedding weekend... :angry: But regardless, it was shipped on time! And this was during the wifi troubles the team has encountered and a possible increase in demand due to Ashen's Pandora review. So that is really good news.

Also, I was not given a UPS tracking number with my shipping notification. I'm a little upset by that since this was one of my reasons for choosing to go the UPS shipping route, but I'm hoping I can get that settled tomorrow (I've contacted OpenPandora Ltd through google checkout and plan on contacting UPS tomorrow). Looking through the forums, it appears this issue (no tracking number) has been encountered by a few people. It doesn't really show how their shipping turned out, though.

Anyway, I expect that my Pandora will reach my house in the states tomorrow, and I will reply to the thread once I receive my unit to state my initial impressions! And possible review later on...
Make a new thread, mate. Looking forward. :)
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