Just bought my old WIZ back.

Da Dude

Dec 8, 2009
I just bought a WIZ. I sold it when I reseived my Pandora. But the WIZ always had something special because of it's look.
Anyone still using it? Is there still batteries available somewhere.
This one works fine, but not great.
Yes, actually I did this January. Mostly cycling through some Road Rash games because of the savings option. And Doom.
Battery holds about 2 hours now. Screen still looks excellent. Glad you have one back!
I play it from time to time.
I'm always amazed by the screen quality. The sound is also incredible.
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makes me wonder why we are excited about the pyra. back then retro gaming meant reviving these classics but now everything is rehashed. what does pyra really offer over pandora? it's slightly better in many ways but can it even emulate anything that the pandora cannot? the comments in the yt speak of a gpx "scene" and i'm hoping as soon as the pyras arrive it wont' feel so ... dead. (who am i kidding?)

oh look a video of pro fighter q. I had this, but i gave it away.

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