Will My Old Gp2X F100 Sd Cards Work On The Wiz?


Still Fresh
Nov 10, 2009
Hey all,

I Just bought a new WIZ system and should be with me next week!! YAY!!! but one thing thats been on my mind...I have 9 SD cards already for the GP2X f100 are they backward compatible with the WIZ? (ie just slot the card in the WIZ and hey presto just like my old GP2x) Please let me know as I could not see any information about this anywhere!?!?! The shop I bought it from said 'YES' it would work but he also said 'Maybe Not!!' HELP PLEASE AMIGOS :)
If you're asking about the cards themselves, yes, they can be used in the GP2X Wiz without any problem. The Wiz is compatible with both SD and SDHC cards (which the GP2X only supported SD for most of its existence).

However, you can't just throw the cards in and play all your old GP2X applications on the Wiz. Some of them are cross-compatible, but I'd have to say most are not. You'll want to download the Wiz-specific files from the archives. However, your ROMs and videos and music and such can remain since those don't change.