JMonkeyEngine -- Port?


Jan 1, 2010
A useful game making tool for us Java developers. I don't know if it's possible to port, but if it is I would love to see it happen.
well someone should put it on the port request list on the wiki. And it is open source so I don't see way not?

I am currently learning Java at my school so I would love to see JMonkey on the Pandora :)
It would be nice to have some more information, at least a link.
Oh, it is a 3D engine. Someone with a lot of knowledge about java would have to have a look here.
There are a few backends(http://jmonkeyengine...r/Renderer.html), with the most used being LWJGL(not gl1). Due to our Pandora's environment and the fact other games are waiting on LWJGL, that should be the focus of a port instead of trying to adapt the OGLESShaderRenderer, but maybe I'm wrong.

If this gets ported, the plus side is my game engine I'm writing based off jME3 will be able to be used on the Pandora.

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