Beta Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella Beta!

Hey guys, Beta 3 has been released - now with 25% extra tactical map included! See first post for English and German PND's :)
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Thanks for the fast Update :)

Works fine with the German Version ,
and I realy like the fullscreen/widescreen mode in the Tactical Map.

That's impressive :lol: :D :) Thank you very much indeed !
Shakon I noticed you have a temperature rating on you're desktop and a CPU icon how do Iget those?
Ok I have 2 discs for the gold edition I installed disc one on my computer but it did not ask for disc 2, the game is running on my Pandora but does disc 2 matter is it an expansion that does not work yet or something lol?
This thread was for beta testing. The latest version was released here.

If JA2 is running as it should be, your setup is fine. Some versions of JA2 have data files littered across both CDs, the linux version I used has data files on both CD1 and CD2.
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