Is A Jaguar Really Worth Having?


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Mar 11, 2003
I've got an Atari Jaguar (not the drivable kind!), along with the toilet seat (er, CD player module.) I've also got a few games (including Tempest 2k), and a few pieces of garbage (KAsumi Ninja, one of the worst games ever, on any platform.) A total of about 6 or 8 games, including a couple CD ones (Dragons air sort of cool, were it not having to load from CD every scene.. frack!)

Anyway, I sort of hate the machine on the one hand, but I've also been a pretty big Atri collector over the years. As you may have seen in other threads I've been letting go, selling and otherwise getting rid of 'stuff' as I have 'too much stuff' and not enough space :)

so ..

Tell me why I should keep the Jaguar, if you can :)

IS there any good games for it (besides AvP, whicvh I don't have, but I'm aware of.) (And also not counting homebrew.)

It has a relatively high value (with CD), so its tempting to try to sell it to someone who might acgtualy like it (until they see Kasumi Ninja, then theyu're in the morgue.)

I'd have reasons to keep it ;)

But truth be told, if you don't like it (not even the vlm?), then better to put it in the hands of someone who wants it ;) (Iron Soldier games are supposed to be ok from what I've heard, but seems mainly a system full of ported games tbh... nothing sticks out, and I have no personal interaction with it).

Tempest 2K is a staple of Atari, so if you're a big supporter of Atari that might just make it for ya ;)

I personally wish that I had already finished my schooling and had made the video game museum I want to, then I'd just say "donate" 'em and have a nice tax write off ;) That's not realistic atm :p (would lead to some interesting sub-projects, like console refurbishing, electronics recycling, etc...).
Hey Skeezix! Ditch it quick sharp.. those things come back to haunt you like a lingering fart. I had one I bought for 30 pounds in the UK.. and had great difficulty offloading it a year later. The fact that most of the games are nigh on unplayable will mean that it will only fill a niche market or some really dumb people will buy it. Consoles like Neo Geo will forever be viewed as valuable since the games are highly sought after - even CD32 would be a better step up if you're after a piece of console gaming history :)
I got a Jaguar a few months ago with Wolfenstein (for £26 shipped); I also bought Iron Solder (crap game). Wolfenstein is a better version on the Jaguar than DOS as the weapons and monsters are better animated. The Jaguar has hardly anything good on it. Sell it, especially the CD unit. You could probably get about £60-£80 for your collection, has to be worth it!
Somebody in the Open2x IRC channel confessed to binning one a few weeks ago!
ahright, it'll be gone tomorrow.

Dragons Lair was almost playable on it, but even then.. no so much (due to loading times.) I love my Atari stuff, but this has got to go :)

don't sell it. The Jaguar has been going up in value, for some odd reason, pretty consistently.

I used to be a moderator on, and I'm a huge collector, and I would only sell what you have if you absolutely need the money. For whatever reason the Jag is pretty sought after and even sell for a pretty penny on ebay, especially with the CD drive.

I only have the cart system, but the games I enjoy are

Wolf 3d
Ultra Vortek (it's not great, but much better than Kasumi Ninja)
Iron Soldier (it's pretty decent, but get IS 2 if you can)
I-war (fun in first person view, but gets repetitive)

There's not many good games, but I still would hold on to it, at least for the time being. And btw, Skeezix, your old FLU is still working good, I use it almost daily.
Ahh, good old Flo the FLU :)

For my retro gear, I don't collect it for value; ie: really, its not like things are going to be worth $10,000 and thus a profit machine.. we're talking a few bills here or there. More important is getting a machine a good home, and if my home is getting really packed (had a baby and all ;), its time to move it to someone who might turn it on. I never ever use the Jag, so I think it best to get it to someone who will.

I used to 'collect it all', but I'm trying to cut back to the core great stuff; we can't all have museums in our basement.. or at least, not any more :)

I still have many great rarities that I've hunted for .. Atari TT030, Atari ST Book, and so on .. the stuff I actualyl turn on, and its really really rare, etc.

I'd love to keep everythign forever, but I think its not practical sometimes, and its not fair.. if someone else will enjoy it more, why not pass it along?


Glad you're digging the FLU though; that one worked well; my BLU that I have (from DaveC I think even :) is nice, but it kilsl every SMC that goes in, so I can't even turn it on anymore :/
I sort-of pull my Jag out occasionally and find myself playing certain games like,
Zool 2
and even Cybermorph. I am still looking for and purchasing games for my Jag. I'm not into the current generation of gaming and I find my enjoyment of games in the past. So, yes the Jag is sort-of mediocre when it comes to the cart based gaming of yesterday, but I personally wouldn't ever see myself giving mine up.
But I have thought about the fact, that if I was to press on into another generation of gaming, I would have to get rid of something in order to make room for something else. So I understand your delimma. But I think the baby is worth more than the Jag. :blink: So,.... make room for the little turnip. :)

Interestingly I have been pulling my BLU out recently. I had forgot about how big the screen is on that thing.
skeezix said:
my BLU that I have (from DaveC I think even :) is nice, but it kilsl every SMC that goes in, so I can't even turn it on anymore :/
That might be my old BLU, pretty sure I sold it to him :)
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Dude check out this vid! It covers 50 Jaguar games in 8 and a half minutes!

Got some good games and some bad games in there, but I honestly think it comes across in the Jaguar's favor.
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