And The Atari Jaguar?


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Apr 15, 2010
Same thing as my last post about a 3DO emulator, but now about the Atari Jaguar... it is at least possible for the Wiz? I Checked out a few old abandoned topics and there were something about some guys that would/could code an emu for the Wiz but it has been so many months and everyone seems to have forgotten about it

Also, theres ports to the GP2X AND for the Pandora, so why there's nothing on that matter for the Wiz? Is at least compatible with this handheld? Even if it's to play some simpler games like Tempest, Zool 2, Baldies or Attack of the Mutant Penguins (even because the jaguar games aren't that good with 3D anyway =P)what is missing to make a port for the Wiz?

Thanks in advance =)

P.S. - Since were talking about the Atari, how are things going with the Lynx emu for the Wiz? Is someone at least planning on making an official beta release with the prototype that already exists? Thanks again
I'd love to play Rayman on my Wiz. Check this out: If there's no ASM (though there probably is) it's the emulator of choice to port.
EDIT: Yeah, I could play Rayman Advance, but that port sucks.
There is no ASM as far as I can see. It uses MUSASHI for the 68k emulation, so you could switch this out for some cyclone goodness which would probably speed things up.

However I just watched a movie showing VirtualJaguar on the GP2x and man was it slow, since the WIZ is not that much faster than the Gp2X I doubt it would run well even if it was using Cyclone.

I wouldn't hold your breath.....
rsuryase said:
OK how about Atari Jaguar on the Pandora? Feasible?

There's already a Jaguar emu for the Pandora, here:

Even if it's some beta version, very buggy, slow or unoptimized, is still SOMETHING compared to nothing (after initial release it's just a matter to stick to it or wait for someone to try improving it)

I'm no dev but I think the Wiz deserves at least a try, you know. Even the SNES emu has several framerate problems with several games that (I think) use the FX chip in the original SNES (like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Story) and can't save using the games own save systems... but at least we can PLAY something for this console, even with all the bugs.

And the same goes to pretty much every single emulator out there that even in some cases getting very close to perfection, have still some small problems here and there... but at least allows us to play MOST of the games with RELATIVE good gameplay
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