Inimaker 1.2 For Caanoo (Beta)


Jun 9, 2008
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I want to share with you my IniMaker port for Caanoo. It's based in the source code released by Alex Mărgărit, author of the Wiz version. IniMaker creates .ini files for the programs wich don't have direct access (icons) in the Caanoo Games menu. Also, can find icons for the INIs in the executable folder, and delete INI files wich refers to deleted apps. This utility only takes 96 Kb in your SD card.
Changes in this version are:
- Adaptation for Caanoo keys and joystick.
- Removed NAND option in Caanoo wich doesn't have it.
- New option to find in Caanoo Apps folder.
- Fixed and improved code for reading INIs.


INImaker always begins in "Safe Mode", wich means you can try anything without writting or deleting any files in the card. To create or delete files you must to disable the Safe Mode. I fixed and tested all the program options for assure it works correctly. One think this don't do is get the banner (the tittle key in the ini) for Caanoo, it keeps empty for now (it's complex). You can edit the file to put it.
It's the first version in Caanoo (beta), therefore I want to get comments about the working in your console. :)
I was using Hardy's Pdf viewer yesterday to read my Motorcycle's  manual :)
[quote name="alxm" post="968963" time="1373989682"]Way to go Hardyx, seeing this made me very happy :)[/quote]
Thanks to you Alex for creating this tool for the wiz.