In Case You Are Having Problems Playing 'tower Of Doom' On You


Still Fresh
Dec 26, 2010
Florida, USA
I was trying to get my 'Tower of Doom' on the other day, using the Jzintv (Intellivision emulator) port listed here:,0,0,0,71,311
All I could get was a temp black screen, or a hard lock of the Wiz.  After doing some online research, it seems that some of the ROMS don't always start at the same memory location - so you have to include some 'memory maps' in a .cfg file and name it the same name as your ROM (except for the .cfg part, of course).  Once this was done, the game played perfectly!
The ROM name is - Tower of Doom (1986) (Intv Corp).int
Here's what I put in the .cfg file for 'Tower of Doom':
Now, if anyone finds any more 'memory maps' for games that aren't working, maybe we could make a list and post them here!
I hope this helps!
Sorry - it looks like I should have posted this in the 'Emulation Zone' - can someone move it there?