I'm thinking about getting this MicroATX board


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Jun 11, 2003
A different motherboard, one with onboard video.

I'm building a microATX computer that will be used solely as an MP3 server. The PC will be a stand alone and needs to be small so it can fit decently in an area in my living room. Anyways, I found this microATX motherboard on eBay and it seems to be nice. It'll be $11 for shipping though, but that's not such a bad deal. Mainly, if I get this board, all I'll need is a case and a WAP, already found where to get the wireless lo-pro NIC. I'll probably end up getting the WAP on eBay as well. Lots of stuff on there right now.

EDIT: Found one with onboard video, though it's use Intel CPU. <_< Is it still worth it for my application? I'm mainly an AMD fan, but I'll use Intel if it's still worth it.

EDIT the III: Seems I'll either need to buy a lo-pro video card with the Socket A board or a lo-pro sound card with the Socket 370 board. Can you help me out here people?
Why don't you try Mini-Itx,
it comes with On-board processor, video out + svideo + sound
And you can do lotsa cool things with it.

Checkout www.mini-itx.com
how much are you looking to spend? I put a mini-ITX in a geiger counter(circa 50's) and it wasn't too much around $90 for the low-end board.
I also have a micro-ATX as my main computer. The mini-ITX is alot smaller but not as powerful.

when it was all said and done I spent around $350 on my micro-ATX and, around $180 on the mini-ITX. (of course some stuff I didn't have to buy, I just had it sitting around)

good luck mith you pc
Well, I need everything like a regular computer, just pretty low-end. It does not need much RAM, hardly needs video, needs decent sound though. I still ned find a CPU for whatever board I buy but I already believe I have a good hard drive or two waiting to be used in it.