I propose that the Pandora 2 is not called 'Pandora'.


Jan 30, 2013
Australia Victoria
Well, as the title says, i think the Pandora 2 should have a different name. Personally i like the name because of its reference to the greek story of Pandoras box. Unfortunately, the name 'Pandora' is to vague. To a person searching for information on the Pandora will get many other things. Just to name a few.

Pandora bracelets/charms

Pandora psp battery

Professor Layton and Pandora's Box

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

(In the movie Avatar) the adventure is based on the world named Pandora

Pandora Radio

I'm sure there's more.

Just my opinion, but i've made it based on my experiences when i was trying to learn more about the Pandora before i purchased one. The psp battery things is particularly annoying.

As for an alternative name, i haven't thought of anything, but it should be something unique if possible. When looking at similar consoles; caanoo and dingoo come to mind and their names are spelled strangely enough to accentuate them from other things (Although i think of cannoos and dingos). The new name should be thought of with this in mind.
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if is changed, I'll never be able to say that I played Pandora(artist) on Pandora(music streaming site) on an OpenPandora, on Pandora street. although I guess I can just use the current Pandora...