I need some text/inventory background tilesets


Apr 8, 2010
~Stockholm, Sweden
I'm making a RPG-engine for the Pandora, and I'm starting to get somewhere. However, I'm getting tired of my FFVII/FFVIII styled bakgrounds for the textbox and inventory screen. Since I plan to release this engine as open source (and possibly for the rebirth competition,) I'd like to have a more original theme to it. Since I'm busy coding, I thought I could ask the community to do this for me, since I'm not an artist anyway ;)

(All other graphics are shamelessly stolen from OpenArt.)

Here's the tilesets you'll have to copy the geometry of:


Which will look like this

Inventory screen:

Which looks like this

Black areas may be used to put in your signature etc.

White-gray gradients are tinted to the right color in the code.

Thanks in advance :)

EDIT: just so that it's clear, grid size os 32×32 pixels, and the images has to have dimentions that are powers of two. If in doubt, use the exact dimentions my tilesets are (I also recommend you do that anyway, since that save a bunch of hassle on my part)
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