I Need Info For Compile With Sdk And Others Info

joyrider said:
you obviously didn't understand my words when i said that you have to "first learn to keep your balance then learn to walk and then learn to run"
start small, and create little game's, start with obvious simple games like pong then tetris by the time you created those you can do some other things and know enough to do basic ports yourselve, making button changes in current emulators is crap since noone care's unless you make it configureabe and i don't think you can do that yet. Stop trying to do run when you can't even keep your balance yet. it's an analogie to a baby trying to learn to walk they do it with small steps as well so should you...
I dont find your words nice and encouraging. It is not talking like that, you will encourage people to coding.

' And when I talk to make a homebrew I was talking about a game Pong ' i understand very well your words.

If I write these words its Because some people thought I was pretty good, so I wanted to clarify this.

Say making button changes is CRAP , its a very bad thing to say . Im really dissapointed about you. i hope you dont encourage your children this way.

Do you know the word: Self-esteem
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you were trying to edit emulators, that's all fine and dandy, but porting emulators over to another platform is not as easy as a simple port, although i have to admit it might be once you get to know simple sdl statements so you can add menu's and such or other options like save state screenshots, it's nothing compared to actually writing an emulator from scratch not many people know how to do that, and it takes a lot of effort and knowledge to do this, both hardware wise and software /programming wise... i can honestly say you wont be able to do just that.. and thats talking from experience not give you a low self esteem.... (of course i know that word).

I know you were probably happy to see the (button) changes you did as a big achievement, and it probably is when you didn't had any programming experience before, but you have to start small, i'm not saying you can't learn by editing or trying to understand code from others but you should get to know the syntax and functions first before attempting to do ports... Button changes are fine as well but now we got like 4-5 diffrent emulator versions each all the same except for the button mappings. It would have been better if you took some time to learn certain things first, then you could have made configurable button mappings so anyone would change it the way they like with just one binarie.. I wasn't dissing you at all i was just saying that should start small and try out diffrent things (get your ballance) then create a few smaller games to get you started (small steps / walking) and then one should start thinking about porting things (running). I choose that order because it's one thing to understand your own code, but it's a whole other thing trying to understand other people's code or multiple people's mixed code. Always better to have a background. your doing well but started wrong at least in my opinion, people always expect to run in just a few days while it might take months or years when it comes to programming :)
its ok . i understand.

i know that coding is VERY difficult and need several hours of work for each project. i just look at several sources recently and it was VERY difficult to understand anything. still i made 6 months of turbo pascal and made some app it doenst help me much with SDL.

So first i will try to do a pong game.
After that i will try to add options in emulators.

i did the buttons changes for myself , i didnt want to wait for someone to do it.

still i suceed to make 2 modified game of WizforPong for the wiz.
i remove the ball from the game and i changed the block shape and form. i was happy to succeed in that.
But for now i will more focus of making a Pong game. or even just diplaying things in Sdl windows.

i undetstand your point, but please be more kind. you helped me a lot until now i appreciate it.
renejr902 said:
...i undetstand your point, but please be more kind...

Can I give one word of advice, nothing to do with coding what so ever, but one that could help you become a better coder in the long run?

- don't bite the hand that is feeding you -

The best coders I have had the opportunity to learn from, actually made other ppl cry (and joyrider's comment are not anywhere near that! - really it is not funny to see your colleague bursting out in tears when being criticized by a (brilliant) senior coder - especially when they actually never learned anything from what was being said, because they were too busy with their feelings).

If someone is helping you understand something, you take whatever they say, evaluate it and learn from it.
Don't go complaining that your teacher is being rough, honest or direct (unless you don't want him/them to help you anymore). He/she is trying to help you understand something valuable - what more do you want?

Stick to the point, don't let feelings get in the way. Get coding.

My 2cts.

(not wanting to start a flamewar - just providing a perspective that worked well for me)
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