Caanoo / WIZ Wiz Unofficial Sdk For Windows


Still Fresh
Feb 1, 2006
Hello, I have just uploaded an unofficial Wiz SDK for Windows. It is the same from this page but I added several examples. I hope this can help everyone to get into wiz development.

The installation is quite easy, you just have to open wizunofficialsdk.exe and chose a place to extract it (for example the root folder of your hard drive, C:,...). Then, open devcpp.exe, and do the first time configuration. Now you are ready to compile both for the Wiz and for Windows.

This SDK comes with major libraries like SDL, SDL_image,... But there is no opengl es currently.

I just want to remind you that this SDK is not the official SDK, indeed GPH hasn't release its own yet.

Tell me if you have troubles for the installation, and enjoy the Wiz development!

Download the Wiz Unofficial Sdk for Windows!