I Just Got My Gp2x, When....

Troy the Great

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Oct 1, 2005
I try to format my 4gb card and it says it can only register 955mb of it, so it will only format 1gb for me. I bought the
"A-DATA Turbo 4GB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Media Model Turbo SD 150X 4G" card. I am trying to format through the USB., because I can currently not get a card reader. Is there a solution to my problem? Thank you so much.
A card reader will save a lot of hassle for £5-10. You can try to fomrat it through another device like a camera, pda etc.

Good luck.
I understand your frustration, but there's no need for duplicate topics - just stick with the one you made in the help section :)
Sry for the double post, I just was'nt getting any help from my other post. I just got my Gp2x and am pretty pissed I can't use my card. Sorry, won't happen again
yeah double posts are just plain annoying.

I would just go to whatever local electronics store you have around and pick one up. If it doesn't work, just tell them why & exchange it for another. Problem solved. I live in the US, so I'd go to Circuit City, Best Buy, or even Wal*Mart... they're all pretty good about that kinda stuff.
Yes, a card reader will solve all your problems. Research, research, research.