How Will Evolve?

Mr.Gonzo said:
Why not have the crew from the pandorapress work on it? They seem to do an amazing job.

(of course with the help of Craig, Ed And company)


Pandorapress is GREAT for up to date Pandora information. All they'd need is one of the 'tabs' on the site to link to Pandorapress, and Pandorapress to default to a list of interesting links, with the latest blog or article being the first link.

The Pandorapress folks do a really great job at keeping up with reading the insane amounts of forum posts and distilling the most useful information to pandorapress. I think they've earned the right to be directly linked from the main page!

- trix
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B-ZaR said:
dflemstr said:
By using anything other than Joomla, would instantly improve by several orders of magnitude. I mean srsly guys, do you still live in the 200th decade or what?

Like I always say: When in doubt, use Drupal, otherwise, use Wordpress.

Sooo... they should undoubtly use wordpress? :p
Nope, they should actually *never* use WordPress, *unless* there's no doubt about that that's what they really want. In all other cases, they should use Drupal. You'd be surprised at how well this deterministic method works. :p
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from my experience with online-communities (I build quite a few), it's always a bad decision to start creating categories to early.

Imagine some potential user/buyer comes here and thinks "Pandora is kind a cool. Oh, they have a rts-category, those are my favorites. No entries? Noooo entries? Well, stupid, let's visit 4chan!"
That's maybe a stupid example, but the result applies:
Keep things generic until lists are starting to get totally messed. Even then, don't split them to much until it makes sense.
You can prepare entries with category-tags early on, but really only to be prepared when the generic structure starts to fail.
^Makes sense :)

Things evolve and will be optimized when necessary. You can't plan the future so early. The Blog guys will do business as usual, in other words, a damn good job.
Mr.Gonzo said:
Why not have the crew from the pandorapress work on it? They seem to do an amazing job.

(of course with the help of Craig, Ed And company)

I like that idea too.
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I've been wondering what the community environment will look like post-launch. Will there just be forums, or will there be more? Maybe scoreboards for arcade-style games and a chat channel?
Just don't forget all the nay-sayers that were against such a blog....they couldn't see anything other than this forum and file archive for providing all they needed!
I'm so glad you did and i wish to thank you all for providing me with info quick and easy without having to trawl through countless forum posts to get a snippet of the latest....keep it up and hope you continue with news of games/emulators/interviews etc

Cheers :D
craigix said:
Mr.Gonzo said:
Why not have the crew from the pandorapress work on it? They seem to do an amazing job.

(of course with the help of Craig, Ed And company)

I like that idea too.
There are some changes in the pipeline for Pandorapress too, to mark the new phase of the project. Apart from a minor cosmetic update, new categories will be set up including software releases, reviews, and user projects, with site navigation overhauled to give easy access to them. I'll be starting a thread later on to get some community input. Naturally I'd love to help get some of this content on the official site. An automatic feed might be the way to go, along the lines of as suggested.
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Wheels said:
Hah! Silly person, evolution isn't true!
I'm kidding! KIDDING!
Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

Edit: given we have an active forum member named Trix, that kinda takes on a creepy after tone.
Also, aren't Tricks for Johns?

/On topic: I can't wait to see what is in the pipeline for pandorapress. Similarly, the forums here might have to start expanding the number of topics under the Pandora banner. I also feel some concern that so many sites run on the same server, and will all go down once the Pandora starts shipping, due to heavy traffic (e.g. the official site, this one, the alternate forums, etc.)
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I think we should use the current site layout, but change the tabs around. For instance, current status changes to something else, order changes to an actual shop, etc. etc. It should also link to the file archive.
Just wanted to say:
We have to cater to the target auidence, ie: us.
Please remember that you are trying to sell to geeks. I mean, sure, if OpenPandora ltd. can sell a few million to iphone fanboys, then they can go ahead- but that's not exactly feasible. This is a niche product- an awesome one - but still a device with a limited appeal.

What I'm trying to say is: market it's power, market it's versitility, but please don't market it as an "iPhone-killer".

PS: Gruso- I love the blog. Thank you so much for the excellent updates. And thanks in advance for making the commitment of continuing to publish these articles even when you have a Pandora in your hands and would rather be playing with it.
A Planet site would be neat. I run a few of those and they're really really good at aggregating information. has one and the way I heard about the latest news was from the openhardware planet. (Yeah, I stopped visiting this part of the forum awhile ago)