How Will It Be Posted When Open (not Pre-)orders Will Be Available


Still Fresh
May 20, 2008
I want to be able to order the pandora when it is made available, but the preorder thing is kind of touchy right now considering I was laid off last year and have been doing a month here and 2 weeks there at jobs and am not sure where to have the unit sent since the release is so up in the air- so I want to be able to order a pandora when they are taking open orders, preferably with a credit card- does anyone know how they are going to post that the orders are available? will it be just up on the openpandora site? on the gp32 order site or whatever it was when pre orders were available? will we get an e-mail if we are on the mailing list?
I would suspect that when open ordering is available, it will get mentioned on the official site as well as here. :p
It is my understanding that the second batch will be pre-orders also, depending on how things go between now and when the first batch ships.

Really, it's a bit up in the air right now, since the first batch hasn't even been finalized as far as timeline is concerned.
I am patiently waiting for this info as well. I know I did not get on the pre-orders because, well, I am not that patient but, my hopes are still there to get this device when it comes out.