How To Sharpen The Movie?


Still Fresh
Mar 26, 2004
I used these settings to make the movies:

Video Filters: resize to 340x240 precise bilinear
framerate (10fps max) either decimate or set to--make sure audio is matched
compression : divx4.12 (only) configure to 115-128 max kilobit/second
variable bit rate 1-pass, slowest, quality
maximum keyframe 300-1000 (lower is better)
max cpu usage
quantizer 12,4 (med quality)
Audio: full processing mode
conversion to 11025hz no change on channels
compression to mpeg layer 3 set at 8 (or 16bit) 11,025hz

The movies work, are in sync and look ok but I was wondering what could I do to sharpen them up a bit? would the quantizer be the one to play with or do i add a sharpen filter in virtual dub--or am I expecting to much from my GP32? :blink:
I set it at 120 (and 128 is the max it will take with gpcinema I've read)--but I'll crank it up to 128 and see how it looks.
For increased quality, increase the bit rate, change the quantinizer to a higher quality setting(i know lower is better but im not sure what is ideal, check a guide). I would convert FPS to 15 for a more fluid video. Make sure the original video ytou used is decent quality to begin with. If you are still not getting results you want, you are probably expecting too much
you can try mucking around with the filters, I believe I saw one for sharpen...
I used the sharpen and set it to 31--noticed a nice difference in sharpness. I'm going to try 2 pass with sharpen and see if that eliminates the "mosquito noise" around some of the moving parts.
Here's a little trick. Apply a really heavy sharpen filter (so that the edges sharpen up way too much) before you resize it down. This will help weight the bicubic filter so that it will create a sharper edge after the resize.

Applying a sharpen after the resize won't really work that well as it can't get back edges that are already lost.