How to install/ play Tetris GB classic on Pandora with Zaxxon?

Just install a Gameboy Emulator of your choice on
The Roms don’t need a special folder, at least on the Emulators I had

Have fun whit your Pandora

Edit : Download and copy the .PND File to
… /pandora/apps on your SD Card,
And the Data will be put to /pandora/Appdata ..
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Once again I will state to you that the latest software firmare( OS Image) for the Pandora is SuperZaxxon 1.76, the old regular Zaxxon 1.55 is extremely old and the lastest version solves a ton of hardware and software related issues including not exploding your battery by overcharging.

As for Gameboy emulator it really depends on the Emulator, the are more than a half dozen emulators in the PND repository that can do gameboy emulation. But typically you just copy the pnd to your SD card place in a pandora/menu or /pandora/desktop directory, run the PND once and it will create a /pandora/appdata/{emulator_name} and depending on the emulator you may need to drop the .gb files into a rom sub folder, but most have an option to choose what location you read roms to.
I also recommend updating to the latest SuperZaxxon. For the PNDs you can use the PNDManager (found in the Pandora Repo), it will let you browse the repo and install the pnd directly from the app.
Can't work out if the OP is a new Pandora user or a ChatGPT output