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Jun 28, 2006
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This summer Ive taken a Linux class, the Distro is Suse 9 and 10. So far ive learned through the terminal about users, groups, password, resseting a password, chaging the host name, ifconfig look up, vi editor, setting up apache, accesing a XP PC from a linux PC vise versa, understanding the bash, uderstanding about 30% of whats in the etc directory & how to modify or use, different run levels and what they do, how to change a file rwx numbers (hard to explain this part, gotta type in ls -l to see what im talking about). The class keeps going until August 18, how far am In order to understand linux, get a linux game and make it run on the 2x?
Cervante said:
how far am In order to understand linux, get a linux game and make it run on the 2x?
Not more far than the distance between you, your PC, and your gp2x.
Just embrace them all and meditate.
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you mean how far are you from porting a game? honestly, the requirements for porting aren't that you know linux well, it's that you have a working dev setup. you can port whatever you want in windows. although, now that you're comfortable with linux, it may be easier to get a nice toolchain going, i dunno.

and then you need to be able to muck around with whatever language the program you want to port is in...if it's c + sdl then really you just need to know which os-specific code to swap out for gp2x code (like keyboard/joystick controls need to be mapped to gp2x controls).

it can be pretty easy, or pretty difficult, depending on how well-written (clean) the program you want to port is.

if by "linux game" you mean something that's already compiled, then you're outta luck.

either way, knowing bash comes in handy. even vi becomes appealing if you give it enough time :D
Salomonic answer: less than elsewhere but more than you hope you need to.


If you want to port programs you need at least a mediocre linux developer experience and a bit (only a bit) of knowledge how the gp2x itself works. If the programs in mind have high demands on hardware, the demand on knowledge of the gp2x and its cpu architecture also rises.

You need to learn about compiling, working with the compiler & linker. You should have in insight how configure / autoconf / automake work as well how makefiles are made. You need to learn about libraries in general and some major a bit in detail. And finally you need to learn a bit about how to interface some of the gp2x most important features - the buttons or the framebuffer (not very difficult to learn the basics).

You might try to team up with others to gain the needed experience while having the chance to learn it seamlessy.


If you plan to write own games the demand of knowledge for basic games is much less.