Hod do I install large apps?


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Jan 31, 2004
I've got a few larger games and apps on my google play account that I want to install on the Pandora. Plants vs Zombies, Battleheart, Collesium Heroes etc. I've grabbed the apk files from my tablet and tired to install them but I get the error "application not installed" I've also tried installing them direct from the market with the same result. Smaller apps installed fine.

I'm pretty sure it's because I haven't got any sd card storage so my question is, how do I go about setting up a 2nd sd card (not the Android pnd card) for installing larger apps.

I thought this was the same question that McLovin was asking in his "Installing apps from sd" topic but now I'm not so sure as following the advice given to him doesn't help. It could well be pilot error by me though so any help would be great :)

I know someone has got Plants vs Zombies to run on Pandora so I know that at least should work.

A second but related question. Is there some way to spoof sd card storage on the Android pnd card? My tablet seems to have some kind of spoof sd card when installing larger apps. I used to use it before I got a physical sd card. I could even move apps to it via the app manager.

If you have a big rootpartition, try to unmount the sdcard and remove it, then install the app from store.
Thanks for the fast reply mcobit. Linux and android noob here. Is that what you suggested to McLovin in your reply to him? If so I think I tried it. I will give it anotehr go in case I missed something. By root partition I presume you mean the image file size created for Android? I still have about 500MB free of my initial 1GB and only want to install another 60-80MB
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yes, that is what I am suggesting in almost every new android thread, that comes up with this question ;)
Yeah ive found the same with games that need to download further content like Dragons Lair is this the same problem as these flash up an error message when they try to download the required files?
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