GP32 Have No Idea On How To Start


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Dec 28, 2004
Hey guys,
Im totally new to this and would love to learn. I am trying to use Mr. Mirkos SDK with the DEV-C++ but I have no idea on how to link the libraries. I would love to be able to look at the examples and compile all of the examples in Mr. Mirkos SDK and work with that information. Can anyone help me.
There arent any good tutorials to start out with.
Thank you so much.


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Nov 16, 2003
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The 'makefile' tells you exactly what to do to get each example working - how to invoke the compiler, the linker, etc, and all relevent libraries required.

So, just run "make" :)


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Dec 18, 2003
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DEV-C doesn't work. You need a GCC ARM crosscompiler. DEVKITARM is what everyone uses, but some people make their own GCC toolchains.


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Dec 10, 2004
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I'm about to do something incredible! I'm actually going to tell you how to set up a working development environment and actually give you step by step instructions! (Don't any one try and stop me either, cuz I'll kick your ass)

Can you tell that I've been frustrated by this same question?

The biggest hurdles to putting a working Dev/SDK is finding instructions with links that actually work, and figuring out which SDK/IDE/DEVKIT to use.

I'm a Linux guy myself, but for the sake of making GP32 Development available to everyone, I will describe how to get your environment running under windows.

Things you need to download:

WinRAR or WinZip (Needed to extract zip, rar, b2z, and gz files)

Mr. Mirko's SDK Latest Source. SDK095 is currently the newest. Save it to your desktop.

ARM9 Cross Compiler and Tools. Save it to your desktop as well.

Some of you may try to find these files on your own and you will be taken to a t-mobile page that does not work. This is because the links have not been updated, and Mirko has moved his web site.

If you want to visit his page (I do recommend it) go to

We now have everything we need to begin.

Open the Cross compiler and tools RAR File that we just downloaded, and drop the folder contained inside to the root of your C: Drive.

Open the Mirko SDK tar.gz file and drop the folder contained inside into c:\gp32_MrMirko

You will see a file called Extract_SDK.BAT inside the gp32_MrMirko directory. Do your self a favor: Delete this file! This file does not work with the current naming conventions used by MrMirko, and it really does not sake time.

Now we need to add our toolchain to the Path so that we can compile things.

Add "c:\gp32_MrMirko\bin" to your PATH

95/98/Me : Start -> Run -> sysedit.
Goto autoexec.bat.
At the end of the file, add the line
set path=%path%;c:\gp32_MrMirko\bin
And save.

NT/2K/XP : Right click on My Computer.
Properties -> Advanced tab.
Click the 'Environment Variables' button.
Under 'System Variables', look up 'Path'. Click it and click Edit. Add ";c:\gp32_MrMirko\bin", without quotes, to the
end of the 'Variable value' field. Click OK, OK, OK :D

If you have followed me so far, you now have a working environment.

From this point on there are two ways to proceed in order to compile some of the examples found in C:\GP32_MrMirko\GP32_SDK\.

You can do everything from Windows GUI, or open a DOS prompt and type in everything manually. I you think you want to do it manually then you probably don't need my help any more. Go away!

Those of you who are still here need to copy the compile.bat file found in the c:\gp32_MrMirko\ directory to each you want to compile. These are all inside c:\GP32_MrMirko\GP32_SDK\

For example, right-click on compile.bat and select COPY from the drop down menu.
Now go into the example.mandel directory and Right-Click/Paste.

If you want to be absolutely sure that everything works, delete all the files here except mandel.c, Makefile, and compile.bat. Files ending in .o .bin .elf and .map are only by-products of the compile process.

Now double-click on compile.bat and watch things work.

If it worked you will see:

arm-elf-gcc -c -o crt0.o ../lib/crt0.S
arm-elf-gcc -nostartfiles -s -Wall -Wl,-Map, -T ../lib/lnkscript crt0.o
-o mandel.elf mandel.o -L../lib -lmirkoSDK -lm
arm-elf-objcopy -O binary mandel.elf mandel.bin
b2fxec -a Mirko_Roller -t SDK_EXAMPLE_mandel mandel.bin mandel.fxe

b2fxeC v0.5b - © 2002-4 Jouni 'Mr.Spiv' Korhonen

Crunched 35.3% - total 5132 bytes

Press any key to continue . . .

Hopefully it all worked and you now have a file called mandel.fxe. If not, post your problem here and I'll make corrections to my post.

Now you can explore the resulting program by copying it to your gpmm directory and running it on the GP32.

Check out the other examples, and make changes here and there to get your feet wet.

You will notice that some of the programs use Graphics in .bmp format. If you want to try and change the graphic in one of the examples to say Your Girl Friend, you need to familiarize your self with a couple of the tools in the kit and the DOS prompt.

I won't go into details, but I will say this: The tool called convert.exe should be renamed to raw2c.exe so that is does not conflict with another CONVERT.EXE found in the path.