Has someone running phosh on Pyra already?

I wonder how well it (Phosh) works with buttons and physical controls. From the screenshots there, it looks designed for low-precision touchscreens, where I'd prefer menu navigation using the d-pad (etc).

Still, an interesting project, and I'd be interested to see how well it works on our hardware. It's in Debian Testing already, and is clearly developed with mobile ARM CPUs in mind, so I can't imagine a port would be too challenging...

Edit: There's a description of Minimenu here on the Wiki.
@levi, Are we talking about Pandora's Minimenu? it doesn't exist yet on the Pyra, plus it would need retooling for the DBP system.
Yes, I was thinking of the one I used on my Pandora once or twice. To be honest when I got used to all of the things I could do in xfce and the terminal, I felt more at home in that environment, but it was a slick way of viewing all of your pnds.
I'd rather not use Wayland as I intend to take advantage of X11's network features.
Yes, when it works at least, Wayland is just a slightly smoother experience than X is. But the limitation as was was that if you want to run the program on one networked machine (the client, confusingly) and view it on another (the server, ditto) you could do that in X. That was a known limitation in Wayland so I don't know if anyone's been working on that, as a plugin maybe, but I'm pretty sure that's not part of the core mechanic the way it is in X.
I'm fairly ambivalent about systemd. I mean I use it, and appreciate the ease with which I can start services at runtime, and it's logging and the way I can get core dumps out of it without them filling up my home directory when stuff crashes. But I'm not so keen about it's feature creep or some of the responses Poettering has made to community members suggesting improvements. But so far it's not irked me enough to look into switching.

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