Has anyone gotten any other distro working on the Pandora?

the pnd system is known to work on a few distros; Stuckie got it to work recently in his Debian firmware option as well.

libpnd ports trivially; just a matter of running the daemons. The big gotcha is needing a working aufs and dbus and inotify, which is not too high a requirement.

as well as an updated ' kernel with additional Pandora specific patches'.
If just one person managed to do this why on earth do we still use such an old kernel?
Because it's experimental. Consider that the default Pandora software is used by lots of not-necessarily-technically-minded people, who wouldn't be happy with an unstable system. It's coming for the Pandora, don't worry; I have vague memories of hearing that notaz had a newer kernel booting, but it takes time to make it stable. Patience.