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Hi guys n' gals, long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm extremely interested in adding additional usb devices internally to the device, a few of the ideas off the top of my head are using 'octupus' style usb hubs (to minimize soldering time, and help with cable routing to odd corners of the case) and then implement/embed/mod my case in such a fashion to include:

-GPS (Probably NAVIT, taking position from a GPS Micro-Mini)
-3G modem. I'm not too sure about size for these, but they keep on getting smaller.
-Possible extra card reader? (I have a lot of CF cards lying around, and there are a lot of very small readers out there)

Basically my question is if there are any +5V pads on the board that I can hook the usb hub into. I know from earlier in the thread that space internally is very hard to come by. If anyone could refer me to (if they exist) renderings of the case I would be hugely grateful.

I plan on taking the rear usb port contacts on the board, routing them to the hub, then routing them back to the external port, leaving the charge port untouched.
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L-dub said:
Not sure if this will work... BeagleBoard is an OMAP3 based system very similar to the Pandora. The BB has S-video and DVI (through hdmi port). A vga adapter board is available at beagleboardtoys Because I do not have a Pandora board to review I can not say this will work. It would be worth while to investigate but as previous post inform the Pandora board is limited to the LCD and S-video out.

IIRC the VGA adapter for beagleboard uses the LCD interface, which is not available on pandora because it is taken by the actual LCD.

ldub voiced what occurred to ne, which is that it wouldn't be very hard to build a DVI-D to VGA adapter, excepting he was probably meaning ( the more reasonable thing) that you could just buy one of them. This kinda of confused me, when reading your post, because you referred to the Pandora's VGA, which (I *think*) that there isn't one. Just use the DVI-D with a cheap adapter.

Last thing, I've seen that the Pandora folks wouldn't release the schematics. Is there (at least) a schematic of the Pandora's external interface? Would have allowed me to confirm what I jsut said, instead of inferring it from the Beagleboard schematics, which ARE open (REALLY open).
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