gvfs, gigolo and ftp access


Jun 20, 2009
Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has access an ftp server using Gigolo (and gvfs). I have already talked with the author of Gigolo and he says that is it probably gvfs and not Gigolo and I believe he is correct. I have typed in the mount command for gvfs and I get the same response I do in Gigolo in that the files I want to bring up are unmountable. I am trying to access the folders/files on a USB drive that is connected to my Linksys E4200v2 router. It has a built in ftp server.

When I type in the same URL, that I am typing into Gigol/gvfs, into Firefox (on the Pandora or a PC) and eveything comes up fine. Gigolo is also working fine for my windows shares. I can transfer files/folders to/from my Pandora to/from any PC in my home network. The only problem I am having is the ftp side and the fact that the Network tab in Gigolo still keeps asking for a password eventhough I have typed in every password I have in my home network.

So, anyone have an idea or does our Gigolo/gvfs need an upgrade?
You could try to use gftp as an alternative to test if you can connect to your ftp at all. Or use bare cmdline commands for testing.