Gregory Horror Show


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Apr 27, 2005
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I am going to tell you about a little known game that is incredibly unknown, but. extremely good.


The game is called Gregory Horror Show, but don't let the name put you off, as although the game is as Japanese as it can get, it is also very western, if you catch my drift (though you probably didn’t)

p.s. It's in English.

Let me tell you about the game.

You are wandering home at night, and lose your way. Spotting bright lights up ahead, you decide to check it out.

It turns out that the lights belong to a hotel, called Gregory Hotel, run by a decrepit old mouse, also named Gregory. You decide to stay for the night. While you are sleeping, 'Death' visits you in your dreams and tells you that Gregory will not let you out of the hotel. He also tells you that the guests, a macabre set of characters, such as Mummy Dog, a dog swathed in bandages with a axe in his head, or Catherine, a lizard with a massive syringe, from which one blood sample can leave you clinging to life, have stolen some souls. Death promises that he will help you out of the hotel, if you bring him the souls. This is now your mission.

Once you steal a soul off a guest, that guest will chase you every time he or she sees you from then on. If he/she catches you, you will be put through a "horror show" where the guest tortures you. This will be devastating on your "mental gauge" which indicates your strength of mind. If you lose your mind completely, you will be trapped in the hotel forever!

What you do

Much of the game comprises of you finding out the guests weaknesses, by spying on them and listening to their insane ramblings. You must then act upon this, to try and retrieve the souls.

What does it look like?

Although the game has a cartoony appearance, do not be deceived. The graphics are superb for the PS2, and really help to convey the insanity and darkness of everything. I have played the game through, and there is absolutely no slowdown.

What does it sound like

There are no famous names in this cast, although in my opinion, this is for the better. The characters are too macabre to be associated with anyone you know of, and it make’s a better experience.

The music is atmospheric and spooky, and suits the game perfectly.

In conclusion, this game is very good, freaky and weird, and with some good humour, making it a must have for anyone who owns a PS2 and likes to play something unique, rather than the average gory shooter.

It's action packed even to the end, and there is a side mission which should give the game replay value, even after it's completion.

I got this for £5 new in Game a while back, I thought it was quite good. The little 'horror shows' you get once captured are fun to watch. "Time for a blood test!"

I didn't really like the voice acting though, especially that cat, but the music was indeed good, atmospheric and all that.

But Death is cool, with the swedish hat and all:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the cat was played by a lassie...
well Nova, you've intrigued me. I may begin searching for this in the very near future and buy it if I find it for a decent price. Sounds unusual and a hidden gem if you ask me. Ill give it a go on ebay

thanks :)

edit: checked and they're all high priced. Ill have to wait until some dumbass lists the game for like 99 cents with no reserve and cheap shipping. Shouldn't be long
Just a bump to say that GAME are now selling this game for £4.99.