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  1. Drumaster78

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    Aug 24, 2016
    Hi everyone,

    I would like to play Star Ocean on DrPocketSNES 7.2.1 on my Wiz and I would need the graphic packs. All links are dead on internet and are from the beginning of the century (yes...). I found only one with the 2 packs needed (sdd1gfx.gfx and sdd1idx.xor).

    Here is the files I found:

    I know that this game is already playable without those graphic packs but the graphic uncompression is made cpu-side, so performance is better with those packs, that's why I'm looking for them.

    My problem is that the file sdd1idx.xor needs to be decrypted (then would become sdd1idx.dat) with a program called dexor. I have it but can't get it working, even on a WinXP VM (it's a 32bit program).

    As it's not rom but chip emulation (S-DD1), I ask here if in 2017, someone would still have this sdd1idx.dat or the complete graphic packs (including sdd1idx.idx) file(s) on their DD, as I've been searching all over the internet for a few days (usually I end up finding everything).

    Or maybe someone can tell me how to use dexor program, the readme says:

    "Star Ocean:
    Place the unzipped .xor file into the same directory as the Star Ocean rom.
    Run the dexor program and specify the location of the rom on the command line.
    After the program decrypts the .xor file, it places ithem in a directory
    called SOCNSDD1. Leave the files in that directory, but move that entire
    directory to where zsnes saves your SRAM files (the default SRAM path is your
    current rom directory). Before running the rom, make sure the SDD1GFX.IDX
    file is in the SOCNSDD1 directory with the decrypted file."

    I tried everything described above by creating a .bat scrip on a 32bit Windows OS but in vain, I got the same error message (something related to ntvdm.exe that got some exceptions and must close).

    Someone with those packs or who knows how to use dexor program? :)

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the poor English (I'm French).
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  2. PowerGod

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    Jun 20, 2011
    How did you used the dexor program ? what was your issue with it ?

    From the instructions seems like you just have to run it like this:
    dexor c:\the_rom_directory\sdd1idx.xor
    If it doesn't work on XP you can try to run it using DOSBOX, it helped me a lot when using those old decompressors for games
  3. Drumaster78

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    Aug 24, 2016
    Oops, in fact I think Dexor is a Linux program, not a Windows one... I just opened it in Notepad++ and it deals with gcc compiler and a line says to use it like this: ./dexor romname.smc.... That also explains why the program is called dexor and not dexor.exe.....

    Gonna try to launch a live cd of Ubuntu and try this. :p
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    EDIT: Ok I managed to launch the program under a VM of Ubuntu 32bit but now dexor program tells me 'Error opening file SDD1GFX.DAT'. I don't get it as it's the file the program is meant to generate, not to open..... And yet all the required files (dexor program, Star Ocean rom and SDD1GFX.XOR) are in the same folder... and the program says to use command './dexor romname.smc'... that's what I did...

    Nobody can help me on this or provide me with the file I need...? I'm out of good idea.....
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  4. levi

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    Apparently NTVDM is a Virtual Dos Machine, allowing you to run DOS programs and 16-bit windows programs on NT (in this case) - XP is the fourth mainline NT release after NT 3.51. Is this doxer program a DOS program?
  5. Drumaster78

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    Aug 24, 2016
    I know about NTVDM.exe. Dexor is a 32bit Linux program (read my last comment).
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