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Dec 22, 2005
Google translation:


Complete the application form included in an attachment.

Competition Overview

Date: March 23, 2010 to December 31, 2010
Host: Game Park Holdings, Korea Game Developers Association
Sponsor: Korea & Content Agency
Category: GPH Platform

Competition Schedule progress:

Planning Competition Reception: March 23, 2010 to April 15, 2010
Stroke Competition term examination: 20 April 2010 to 26 April 2010
Planning Competition Announced: April 27, 2010 (homepage, and notified individually)
Planning Competition Prizes: April 30, 2010 (where further Notice)
Prototype competition received: 2010 July 1 to July 15
Prototype competition assessment: 2010 July 16-July 23
Prototype Competition Announced: July 27, 2010 (homepage, and notified individually)
Prototype Competition Prizes: future bulletin
Last received: October 2010 seconds (website will be announced later)
Final examination: one in October 2010 (website will be announced later)
Final release: end of October 2010 (website will be announced later)
End Prizes: G Star 2010 (Dates and locations will be notified later Home)


Number of Prizes

Planning Competition

Development aid

5 flights and outside

Each 1 million won a set of development kit 2

Prototype competition

Development aid

5 flights and outside

Each 1 million won development kit 2 sets

Final award

Content Agency, Korea Chang Sang

1 side

₩ 5,000,000

Game Park, Chang Sang Holdings, Inc.

2 flights

Each of 2 million won

Chang Sang Korea Game Developers Association

3 flights

1 million won each

- GPH portable gaming competition applied for all games organized by the Korea Game Developers Association 2010 Indie Game Competition with duplicate entries
- Each step is a duplicate award
- One project planning prototype can not enter the final competition in all of the steps
- I never application steps, even if the application is possible in the next step (for example): Planning and conspiracy, even though the prototype did not enter the competition entries available
- Applied for the final competition, regardless of whether any work awarded Game Park Holdings, the commercial support through FunGP

Application Process
- Down to the reception desk and mail hard copy (mail, courier, courier can be both) must be mailed to. We accept the deadline until 18:00.
- listed to receive E-mail application form must be mailed files. Send a file greater than 45MB and can not get.
- By mail and files received a signed receipt 2 received both can be completed. Even if one kinds of omissions will not be accepted.

Documents Reception
- Zip Code 431-060 / Gwanyang-dong 1591-9, Dongan (AP) 601, Anyang Knowledge Industry Promotion Agency gongmojeon> person in front of hyudaeyonggeim <GPH Game Park Holdings
- File received E-mail:
- GPH portable gaming competition also received inquiries Tel: 070-7012-1518

I don't understand. If the prize is a development kit, it stands to reason that the people who want to win don't have a development kit. If they don't have a development kit, how are they going to write a game to enter into the competition?

This is made doubly confusing due to the fact that there is no official development kit yet.

(Head explodes.)
IMHO,GPH really should work on it's non-Korean content, or hire some agency to translate their stuff. Half of that stuff doesn't make sense.
Yep, there is a competition being planned for non-Koreans. It's not yet announced yet ;)
Anes Lihovac said:
IMHO,GPH really should work on it's non-Korean content, or hire some agency to translate their stuff. Half of that stuff doesn't make sense.

Ohh, it's a Google Translation. Then, I apologize.
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SONY said:
WOW!!! That's a lot of South Korean ₩ ON !!! :D

Exactly. You get the interesting point of my posting, mate. :)
Yes, I think 2 million won is a nice price money...
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...should I make a Pokemon-Clone?

Koreans seem to want to be like the japanese. See this idea wih the korean DS B)
Just in case anyone was wondering, the exchange rate is: 1 South Korean Won = 0.000879392 USD (or, 1137 of them per $1 USD)

It sounds to me like they're putting up 22 million won total, or about $20k. Of course, no one person can win all that. I think if you make it all the way to the top you'd win 5 + 3 + 1, and then maybe 1 for the developmental aid part, or 9 million (a little under $8000 USD).

But of course the translation is still pretty unclear overall.