Gp32 V Gp2x V Psp


Thanks guys, I just knew I could rely on this forum for some really well balanced's a credit to a great board.

Shame on those who doubted the 'no fanboys' comment!! ;)

Looks like long I'll stick with GP32 for now with upgrading to GP2x 'in the near future' - whilst maybe one day picking up a cheap PSP for the lushness of PES, movies and surfing etc.

It's amazing, nobody said MAME would be possible on GP32...but it was cracked, I feel that due to the excellent support and community around the GP consoles you can't go far wrong (esp. long term), I fully expect the EMUs to just get better and better...and while we're at it - a BIG thank you to those who do all the hard work! With the PSP I also tend to agree regarding Sony eventually killing the PSP homebrew, and of course the ironey is that by their actions they are actually forcing people to play ISOs on their 'v2 and below' PSPs!

Anyway, thanks again
"As far as Amiga games go it is honestly doubtful that it will ever happen at full speed with sound on the GP2X due to CPU limitations"

WAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHHA, funniest thing ever in my view ;)

Anyway, the PSP is pretty cool, battery SUCKS, prices for psp are moving down VERY slowly aswell.
GP2X is great, but you gotta know your beans to get it to work just right.
If your expecting NINTENDONESS i.e easy simple interface et, plug and play type of thing... then simply get a ds and a supercard sd ;)

PSP games are costly, get a 1.5 if you can. But then again, pro duos are costly aswell, so you might aswell get a game instead of isos ;)
not only that, but the more it emulates, the more memory you need. If you want to spend well over £200 on a few 1gb duo cards then be my guest!
For that price you could get a gp2x and a couple of tidy priced sd cards and have tones of fun ;) drag and drop those xvid or divx movies on there and watch ;)

all consoles are desperately different. GET BOTH!!! If you got the geekiness to do so. I have a 1.5 psp, and its pretty cool. But thats all it is for me. I spend my time on the gp2x because, well, it simply much more fun! tweaking with things, skinning and all that. SD cards are cheap as and store LOADS so that format is more ideal for emulation.

Emulation for psp in my view is basically something a hacker wanted to make the psp SEEM better and do everything. But its not HAHAHAH, i use psp for luminies and wipeout pure and stuff like that. Somethign unique you know ?
Gp2x emulation is going to float your boat in due time.

Id say wait until psp prices drop, sales are not very good for it compared to the DS and so SONY will want to compete, again, so expect some cooler things.
And if not, wait for a revision. Sony are updating the psp just like a walkman, so expect better battery life and all that in future releases. The psp will look the same, but its say the difference between an ipod 30 and 60gb. Look the same but different on the inside.

If i were you, id wait until someone says "the gp2x firmware is perfect and the second core is operating in emulation!!" and just wait for almost perfect emulation to begin kreeping in. Gnuboy is almost there! it tok forever and is STILL being perfected for the gp32.
Its already here for gp2x!!! and it plays MVS/AES games already, and punisher runs in mame!! not even my crappy via epia m10000 pc could run this perfectly! (although, sound WAS activated...)

Id wait, if you know your stuff, can work your way around files and all that, you know, updating and all that kind of stuff. Then you could get a gp2x now. The physical unit aint gonna be updated for years! the joystick will be replaced, and firmware is software. the screen is funny coz of confiuration. it can be sorted via software.
Its not like the psp where the battery life is like unchangable.

the gp2x is going to stay the same price ;) the psp may come down in price but memory cards will always be as pricey as they are. dont expect psp games to get much cheaper either.

get a nintendo ds for now with a supercards sd ;) cant go wrong