Gp32 Flu Gbax 166mhz For Sale.


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Jun 15, 2002
Hey all,

Up for sale is my GP32 Flu modded by GBAX to overclock to 166mhz. Less than 2 months old. Includes the disc from GBAX and the system is completely ready to play with several firmwares already installed. Original box included. PM with any offers, bearing in mind a new modded GP32 Flu shipped costs $280-$290 depending on your location.

My eBay id is snoopy_AKA .


Edit: For US shipping: $205 with 128 mb SMC, $185 without it. For International shipping add $10 to either price.
Wolfsclaw posted on Apr 30 2004 at 09:11 PM said:
who the hell pays 280$ for a gp32 flu?
It isn't just a Flu, it has the overclock mod. Add shipping and that's the price it cost's new.
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