Gp32 At Lik-sang Question


Mar 19, 2003
Hopfully this won't be erased like my last post asking about info on places to purchase a gp32. Lik-sang has been out of the gp32 blu for awhile and seems to have just gottne a new shipment in. The have a bundle that costs the same for the blu as it does for the flu. I would love to get a blu but was wondering if anyone has ordered a blu from them recently and can give an educated guess as to weather their blu's have the screen problem or not. If I can get a blu with a good screen i will otherwise I'll get a flu.
i just got mine too and it didnt seem to have the problem at first either but that was because some games that have it dont look like they have it but from what i hear all new blus have the problem that includes lik-sangs
Agreed, the lik-sang ones will still have the new screen, but I have one of the new BLUs and it really isn't that bad. The vast majority of software either worked or has now been fixed with a small number of notable exceptions, I really wouldn't worry about it :) It's annoying for the community as a whole, but don't let it put you off getting one! :)
I just ordered a gp32 flu from lik-sang, the funny thing is that it comes with an smc(don't know the size) and an rf unit and only cost 6 bucks more than my non-lit one I purchased a few years back. I purchased my first gp32 about 2 years ago and had it for about 6 months. I really enjoyed playing with it but it was stolen or fell out of my bag while at school one day. It's been about a year and a half since then and I have really missed it. Every once in awhile I would stop by this site and see news about new software and wish I could play around with it.
I loved my gp32 but I am so excited to get my new one with a front light and to be able to try out all of the stuff that has come out since I last had a gp32. I am really looking forward to open snnes, dr. md, BOR, and gpcinima. All of this stuff is new since I last had a gp32 so it really should keep me busy for awhile.
well i wouldnt have gotten a flu if i were you coz the blu is mucxh much better. I got a flu ages ago then sold it to get a blu and really the blu is alot better.
If you buy a BLU from Lik Sang today you will get a "dodgy unit" -- the new BLU with the Taiwanese LCD, because that's the only thing Gamepark makes any more. Lik Sang does not offer proper Samsung LCD BLU units any more.
This is what I think about the BLU+

You should probably just get it. Lik-Sang already knows of the issues the new screen causes, and if Gamepark really does ever switch back to the Samsung screen, Lik-Sang might offer the ability to trade your BLU+ in to recieve a Samsung screen BLU in exchange.

But until then, just get a BLU+ (as it is referred to), as everyone's already adapting fixes for the LCD into their software.

Although, it would REALLY be GREAT to know what's causing the wrapped scanline problem, since that seems to be present, even when the new init values are applied...