Gp2x Or Xgp ?


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Aug 18, 2005
if you want to play commercial games and homebrew, go with a PSP
Change that "and" to an "or" for all intents and purposes.

? Why? I can play Commercial games and Homebrew on my 1.5 PSP Fine now that the new DeviceHook has been released that has nearly full support for Commercial games which require 2.0+ firmware :D
And how many commercial games can you fit on a memory stick? Well, if you spend almost $100 for the 2gb one, maybe two or three? Then what about the roms that you want to put on there to emulate? And it's not that easy go out and buy a PSP these days that's 1.5 or downgradable to 1.5.

The price/performance ratio just doesn't add up with the PSP. It will always be for people with more money than sense. The PSP has very, very little over the GP2X as far as emulation is concerned, and most people agree that the PSP's commercial games, as a whole, are very poor.
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Aug 28, 2003
I have a 1gb Card and have 7 commercial games on it. Because of Dax and CSO compression we can now highly compress most ISO's :). Plus Rip stuff thats not needed.

My PSP 1GB card is currently like this

Need For Speed Most Wanted
Fifa Street 2
Ridge Racer
Socom US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo
Twisted Metal Head on
Bust a move delux

then I have 60mb of stuff in my Game folder -

Duke Nukem
Pimp Streamer (Allows you to Stream Videos from your PC via Wifi at original framerate VERY smoothly. Eg you can save all your films as Divx on a hard drive and watch them on your PSP by streaming it.)
PSP Radio
etc etc

And I still have 90mb Free :D


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Jun 1, 2006
My console is better than yours!!!

So ner!

Children, can we please stop with this....and again, the OP asks

GP2x or XGP?

And someone comes in and says PSP? For crying out loud....grow up!


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Mar 4, 2004
Wich one will be better and wich one will have more games ?


Being a bit more specific here wouldn't hurt ;)

Which will be "better" Better for what? Emus, homebrew games, commercial titles, movies, what?

I could ask you, what is better: a sports car or a truck? A sports car will corner and accelerate much better than a truck but is not much good for hauling lumber.

More games? Commercial, Homebrew, emulated?

Believe it or not the answer is really dependant on what you use it for. Screen ratios and controller types (Digital vs Analog) all make a difference.
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