Gp2x For Sale!!


Still Fresh
Sep 22, 2005
First Edition, Used about 20 times....all working ok and firmware updated to latest version. Has Quake. Hexen, Frodo and the snes emu all working ok.

Comes with GP32 case(new) Gp32 Headphones. 128mb card that is seen in windows xp and will upate firmware ok.

As new £130 (total cost to me) plus buyer pays postage. I will get postage cost when purchased. ( I will be making no money on postage!)

I will ship out as soon as payment made. This will be by Paypal to a friends account.

It is on here before I put it on ebay as i thought it right to offer here first.

Reason for sale....I just dont have the time to spend on it as I hoped I would.
I can send picture/videos of it playing games etc if needed.

im interested can u send photos or video as u wish to im in ireland how will bw the shipping?