Gp2x Boot Issues


Still Fresh
Jan 5, 2007
I will slim this description down as much as possible for anyone reading.

1: I have a number of very good rechargeable batteries (2700mAh to 2300mAh NiMH)

2: I did not encounter this new problem after updating/re flashing the firmware

3: This is not a simple issue related to bent battery contacts, autorun.gpu, me messing with the NAND, etc.

4: I have searched through the forums as well old posts/pages to answer my questions fully

I care for my 2X very well, I keep it in good condition and know most of the hazards of the handheld. I don't often have anything on the NAND flash, have a SD card that is fully compatible and is unfragmented. My problems do not stem from simple or "n00b" ignorance. This is what occurred, and let's just see if you can help.

I was playing a copy of MegaMan X2 on SquidgeSNES v0.392 just as usual. After playing a round I exited from the emulator into the GPH front end and shut down the GP2X. Around 2 hours later I got the urge to play some more and to my surprise, when I went to turn the unit on I got the classic verticle random color lines/fading to white junk. For me that usually is a sign to replace the batteries or even that something fouled up in the U-BOOT process (hey it happens). And just like usual I turned the power off and grabbed a pair of fresh 2700 Powerex NiMH rechargeable batteries, stuck em' in and... nothing. This was about a week ago and still, I turn it on same as before, verticle lines of random color and sometimes it fades to white, tried new batt's, recently purchased and received an official GPH AC adapter... nothing same as before.

So from my forum searches, this is it. My firmware is shot and the U-BOOT is a no go due to it not even getting that far and freezing (for those who at least have that feel blessed). I can't see the cost of a B.O.B or even the commercial variant when my solution could be far simpler and cost efficient. Constructing a JTAG cable is possible but most of the past forums replies are half answers, and usually imply that you should already know about how to fix it. These explanations of constructing/purchasing one are generally nonsensical as well any software or needed hardware is not fully laid out.

So this then, simply. I reside on the west coast of the U.S. My question is are there any individuals that are willing and/or capable of fixing my GP2X that also live within the US. I know of Evildragon as well a few others but unfortunately they live pretty far away from me and I would rather not send my handheld half way around the planet, a preference you see. However if this is unavoidable or you think I should try something else to get my unit functional or just plain want me to end my whining...

Thank you.