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Jan 31, 2004
In retrospect I suppose I should have started this thread before Christmas but I'm sure loads of you have lots of xmas money to spend so it won't be wasted.

I personally get most of my CDs, DVDs and Games from CDWOW. They stock all the latest stuff and charge no shipping even though the stuff is often sent from Hong Kong often one item at a time. Most of the time their European Region 2 DVDs are as cheap as the Region 1 releases.

For example, for xmas I bought my girlfriend Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Widescreen (2 Disc Set) for £13.99 and Shrek 2 (1 Disk version) for £11.99. They had the 2 disk version for £12.99 too.

I also treated myself to Neverwinter Nights Platinum for PC at £22.99

Their service has proven to be fast and efficient and I've used them a few times for multi item orders. The free P&P makes all the difference.

I have also found to be competitive too.

Where do you buy your DVDs, CDs and Games etc?
I bought from CDWOW two times and they are really fast and reliable. I decided to get all Game Boy Games through them if I want the english version (often I can't stand the German translation - with terror in my soul I remember Secret of Mana's shocking "Hollerö"), but I never actually bought anything else from them.

Still I buy most stuff offline, I just prefer a face to face trade, if you know what I mean ;) Also I more than once got a nice bargain out of it - games that had the wrong price on them for example. Sure, they'll notice when you are about to pay, but just make a scene and demand to talk to the superior - they much prefer a customer who makes a bargain than an angry customer who speaks bad about their store :D Never got as far as changing the labels myself though, it's kind of a sport and I am not cheating, but using other people's stupidity for my advantage :D
generalnmx posted on Dec 26 2004 at 03:55 AM said:
Note to everyone that CDWOW is located in Europe. is probably fine otherwise if you can get free Super Saver shipping :D

CDWow ships for free.
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I buy my Japanese stuff (mostly soundtracks and Music) at, normal stuff (in Germany) at amazon or

I get my import games at