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Jul 22, 2003
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Eternity has put up an official site for their upcoming strategic RPG "Goddess Saga" here. It's a hex-based warfare game with an in-depth combat engine, and boasts 19 unique character classes, including Wizard, Knight, and Nurse. 9 of these classes have been revealed; the rest are still under wraps.

Battles look pretty hectic, judging from the 13-character melee in one of the screenshots. The special effects, characters, and backgrounds are all quite detailed.

Character bios and a plot summary are also on the site, though I can't make heads or tails of what they mean, as it's all in Korean (and Babelfish only makes it more confusing).

Goddess Saga should be commercially released in late 2003.
That game looks awesome!!! Do you know if there will be an english translation?
Also in the links section there was a link to this site: http://eter01.wwww.to/top.htm
Which has some pretty awesome games on it. can anyone translate some of the website?
Well, one of the games on that site is Banpresto's Super Robot Wars D for GBA (apparently it's not a GP32-only site), the latest installment (of over 30) of the anime robot tactics game, with around 280 unique allied and enemy units from a multitude of series, including:

Mobile Suit V(ictory) Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (novelisation version)
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
Mobile Suit Z (and ZZ) Gundam
Macross 7
The Big O
Great Mazinger
UFO Robot Grendiser
Shin Getter Robo (Armageddon OVA version)
GodMars (and GodMars OVA version)

Of course it's all in Japanese, but it's simple to play and quite import-friendly. The English-speaking fanbase isn't the biggest, but usually someone will write up an online strategy guide. The graphics are highly detailed and well-animated, perhaps better than anything else on the GBA.
(OK, I'll stop plugging the GBA now).

For GP32, it looks like some graphic novels might be in progress, plus something called "Project Critical Strike" for this November. The Korean forums are also heaping praise on the new Doom and Little John releases.

And here, some commentary on overclocking, courtesy of Babelfish:

"Me it becomes until 166 but thinks.. that.. probably it tries to think it becomes most gp, the person who does not become does not come up many the case gp notice board which seems (does not make a fire attempt) the writing plentifully to be burnt and because the ratio which raises the writing in the mind where the people where the over does not become relativy are tantalizing is high will be anyhow became the over, the bedspread which is lucky ^;"

Apparently, the RAM in some (all?) GP32s can't keep up with CPU signals at high frequencies, causing crashes at high speeds??? That, or we should stop burning our writing so plentifully, so our bedspreads shall be less lucky. :rolleyes:
thanks i so that Project Critical Strike. The art of the game seemed intruiging, i am very intrested. i hope they release some ingame screenshots

EDIT: also, did you check the whole website? Like the team eternity page? There were many games on it which looked very nice, i tryied translating it but it didnt come out at all.
TandeM, does there is any info about possible translation of Goddes Saga to english ? or this the next after Astonisha Story game we will praise to transate and never get it ;) ?
I found some more info out about the game:

From what was translated from a korean forum, the game seems to have a time cyacle of 24 hours in 12 hour degrees. here is the post translated by the fish:

phul ley Will be and for when all important matters su khip the mode which is a thing and a royalty which will be a case 12 hour degree it contains, 24 hours will pass over.
Game phul ley is and the place where it waits simply it does not waste not to be, continuously phul ley 20000 phul ley will be because is to come to fix intensively and that it does, simplicity it comes to feel it will not know rather shortly. But phul ley does, it is burnt, it is making sufficiently anxious rolling up route ^

2. phul ley is and for su khip 12~20 until the mode which is an hour degree and a royalty the rear which will grow it is done when, all important matter and a contents in poem and and only 30 hours percentage tus want. (of course all important matter su khip are right time hour from 24 hours. su The toe li it is lewd and it is enjoyed a game and when also it will change. ^)

... The mode which is a royalty what log..;

then in another post, which i dont think this is new news but ill post it anyway:

The bedspread which it says that it is sold at 2003 end years, certainly ~ it is flesh plan with the package. Under under under

The playing time will be long with personal desire and it will be good...
Is the game to sprout, America syen (e tu it cut, it hits and) - > boat frame mode - > to ting in mode (e tu it cut, to hit) it is advanced.

This is a caption to one of the pictures of in-game dialouge. It could be a comment on the difficulty of making an English translation, but it's probably just Babelfish being weird.
New index of screenshots here. Also a "movie" section has been added (presumably for gameplay videos), but it's empty at the moment.